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Voice2net Telecom: 3G Wireless Broadband Plans
 1.5GB Plan5GB Plan9GB Plan
Download 1.5GB (1500MB) 5GB (5000MB) 9GB (9000MB)
Bundle Price $32.95 $43.95 $65.95
Stand Alone Price $42.95 $53.95 $75.95
Excess Usage $0.06 Per Megabyte $0.06 Per Megabyte $0.06 Per Megabyte
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Wireless internet gives you the freedom of not being tied to your desk. Our wireless plans work on mobile signals – so essentially, wherever you can get mobile access, you can go online. You’re free to roam while still having access when you need it.

All of our wireless plans offer speeds comparable to our 512 or 1.5 connections, depending on location. Setup can be completed in minutes – just get a wireless dongle (available for $240), plug it in, follow the prompts and you’re ready!

Data allowances for wireless plans include upload and download. Access and connection speed is dependent on coverage. To check the coverage in your area, please see the map located here. Excess usage for wireless plans is charged at a rate of 16.50c/mb. A $25.25 activation fee applies. All plans, fees and charges are presented inclusive of GST.

When joining or leaving partway through the month, please read this information about pro-rata usage.

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