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Voice2net Telecom: Home Phone Plans
 Landline 50Landline 100Landline 150Landline 250
Local $0.24 $0.20 $0.20 $0.18
National Flag $0.28 Per Min $0.39 Flag $0.28 Per Min $0.28 Flag $0.20 Per Min $0.24 Flag $0.20 Per Min $0.18
Mobiles Flag $0.28 Per Min $0.39 Flag $0.33 Per Min $0.39 Flag $0.20 Per Min $0.39 Flag $0.20 Per Min $0.35
Monthly $34 $34 $34 $40
Capping 60 Minute Offpeak $2.20 60 Minute National $2.75   10 Minute National $1.10
Extras 20% Discount Chosen Country   20% Discount Chosen Country 20% Discount Chosen Country
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At Voice2net telecom, we offer a wide range of plans, and can tailor a plan to suit your requirements. There are many benefits of choosing Voice2net telecom for your home lines.

Stability: We use the largest infrastructure network in Australia, so you know you’re getting the best possible security and reliability.

Caps: For customers who frequently make long calls to another state, or to mobiles, we offer various caps which can help you save on what you use the most.

International discounts: Stay close, even when the person you want to call is far away. We offer a 20% discount for your most frequently called country.

If a plan is created specifically for your needs, you will be provided with a copy of your personalised rates with your welcome pack. Churn Charge: $0. New inplace: $330. Inactive Inplace: $74.80. Tech Visit: $175. All plans, fees and charges are presented inclusive of GST. For services of this nature, the CSG Standard applies.

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